Our Company provides a high quality product packed with lots of features at a competitive cost ensuring the sale for you. Our items consist of outdoor sofas sets, corner sofas, outdoor dining sets, couch dining sets and outdoor cube sets. The range is made of chunky high quality half-moon PE rattan over an aluminum frame.



Feed the Grass with the Organic Fertilizer Options

Organic or natural lawn fertilizers provide an ideal choice for garden enthusiasts that prefer to prevent using chemical-based solutions. Organic fertilizers are just as efficient at offering the needed balance of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to promote the healthy and good green appearance of the yard. Being friendly to the regional environment, the organic options other many benefits. This can for example breaking down at a slower rate, enhancing the density and structure of the yard, and not triggering harm to children or family animals.

Compost - Compost can offer one of the most natural and effective options for feeding the lawn. A top-dressing of high-quality compost is specific to motivate rich growth of the lawn throughout the season. Attempt to apply the compost to the real soil to ensure the beneficial microbes included in the compost get taken in.

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