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If you are searching for a terrific way to take care of trees without the problem of climbing up a ladder, a pole chainsaw or a pole pruner can be a huge blessing. Ladders are challenging to use on soft ground. They are likewise difficult to use if you need to reach thinner branches- where do you set them safely if the branches are not strong enough to take the weight?

Any of the numerous long-handled pruners and saws can help however which is finest? This article provides a few ideas on which tools are best for your tree pruning (and also your hedge cutting) jobs.


Pruning is one of those jobs it is crucial to do if you want to keep trees and shrubs healthy. Some trees like apple trees sprout suckers at a startling rate and will look dreadful if they are not pruned.

If there was just one tool I was going to buy, to prune trees, it would not be a chain pole saw. I would opt for a high quality by hand operated pruning saw installed on a rigid extension pole. Some pole pruners have up to 3 sections so they can be utilized at different heights without any problem. They also offer you much better reach. A top-notch pole saw will prune even thick branches approximately twenty feet above ground level. You will have to supply the power, of course, but the huge curved blades are very sharp and finish a lot of branches.

Having said that, if you have a great deal of trees to take care of, a pole chainsaw with a trusted motor is an excellent labor saving device. It can tackle the thicker branches as much as twelve or fourteen feet above ground level without providing you blister sheds . Combine this with a long manual pruning saw and a pair of quality secateurs for ground level work and you can manage most trees and shrubs without ever climbing up a ladder.

The issue then becomes should you pick gas, electric or cordless for your pole chainsaw?

Gas is great for locations without electrical power nearby. Electric pole chainsaws are quiet, simple to start and smell much better. Cordless can be very good if you purchase an extra battery to charge while you are working- otherwise you will be limited to an hour or so's work at a time.

How to Decide

Do you have a couple of tall trees? Then choose a manual pruning saw on a tough pole that will not flex when you saw. Do you have a lot of trees far from your electrical supply? Gas has the power for fast work and cutting big branches or hard woods- anywhere you are.

Do you want to be systematic and patient however hates the mess of gas? Is an electrical supply an issue? A cordless pole chainsaw can be quite powerful- especially if you get a 19 volt model- and it will do the job.

One Last Tip

Another small suggestion is that sometimes a pole hedge trimmer can be a helpful pruning tool. When you trim your hedge you are essentially pruning the shrubs that make up the hedge. There is nothing wrong with utilizing a pole hedge trimmer to prune any shrub or tree that has a great deal of very thin branches. Chainsaws will simply get fouled and jam if you use them on a mass of branches.


Feed the Grass with the Organic Fertilizer Options

Organic or natural lawn fertilizers provide an ideal choice for garden enthusiasts that prefer to prevent using chemical-based solutions. Organic fertilizers are just as efficient at offering the needed balance of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to promote the healthy and good green appearance of the yard. Being friendly to the regional environment, the organic options other many benefits. This can for example breaking down at a slower rate, enhancing the density and structure of the yard, and not triggering harm to children or family animals.

Compost - Compost can offer one of the most natural and effective options for feeding the lawn. A top-dressing of high-quality compost is specific to motivate rich growth of the lawn throughout the season. Attempt to apply the compost to the real soil to ensure the beneficial microbes included in the compost get taken in.

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